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I, Mark Machado recommend purchasing online fly fishing supplies and coffee items from lospescadoresoutfitters...below is the link to browse...

(The coffee and flyshop will be opening in South Padre Island Texas around October November)


This past Saturdays Houston Event

Special thanks to Gordy and Sons Outfitters,

(to Marco, Lester, and Andy)

always a hi standard event they put on.

They have some great sage reels for 30% off!

I met with a legendary speaker there, Steve Huff, who has guided for Tarpon, Snook, and permit for about 54 years!

We exchanged numbers, as I am arranging him and his son Dustin to come and speak at a Laguna madre fly fishing association event in the future!

We will keep you posted!

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Annual One Fly Pattern Tournament is scheduled for Saturday April 22nd of this year 2023

The hours of the tournament are 7am - 3pm Central. Venue to be announced. You can sign up on our Tournament entry form. Click on this link to register. 
This is a one fly pattern not only a one fly which means you can choose any pattern of fly you want to use and you can use as many as you want of that idenitcal pattern. 


Annual Beach Trip Saturday August 12th






All participants will meet at the South Padre Island Convention Center at 6am. 
We will arrange rides from the South Padre Island Beach Access road all the way to South Port Mansfield Jetty. Food and drinks
will be provided with all currently paid LMFFA members. 

image01 2.jpg

Annual Magoo One Day Tournament Saturday
October 14th


This one day Tournament is named after the first President of the Laguna Madre Fly Fishing Association, Richard (Magoo) Mcinnis! 

This tournament begins at 7am and terminates at 3pm. There is 1st place trophies, which are Larry Haines artwork of each species, the species are red fish, speckled trout, ladyfish, and snook. All entries for the day must include the Magoo card in the photo with the fish on the a legible measuring device. Must be turned in by 4pm. An awards social will begin at 5pm, venue to be announced. You can register here. 

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